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I recently learned that one of my brothers got arrested a few years ago. He was driving around the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas, and BOOM! the “Blue Light Special.” Since he was driving his friend’s flashy luxury car, he assumed that was the reason for the stop. It wasn’t…


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As you probably know by now, last month, former U.S. Senator and Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole passed away. While I disagreed with him politically, Dole was a legendary political figure and one of the last old-school Republicans alive. …

Bond villain Auric Goldfinger outlines his plot to contaminate the US gold reserve. Photo credit: Danjaq, LLC/United Artists

In every James Bond film, there comes a moment when the criminal mastermind has the irresistible urge to reveal the details of their evil plot. The desire is so overwhelming the villain can’t resist letting the cat out of the bag.

For example, in the 1964 film Goldfinger, Bond stumbles…


Clinton claims 2016 Democratic nomination. | Source: Politico/AFP/Getty

I’ve watched It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas season for as far back as I can remember. I’ve seen it so many times I can almost recite every line. I’ll probably watch it again sometime over the next couple of weeks. What I didn’t realize until recently was the film’s…


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Long before superheroes transitioned to the big screen, I was a huge comic book nerd. My comic book habit was so out of control that whenever my mom sent me to the grocery store, I’d steal her change to feed my habit. Since I’m a boomer, when I was a…


This illustration of the 1898 Wilmington massacre typifies how publications of the time promoted misleading characterizations of the incident as a “race riot” or a Black insurrection. Source: Photo

When I researched an article on the Wilmington Coup of 1898 earlier this year, several things struck me about this little-known historical event. …


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During his days as a US Senator, President Lyndon Johnson told a story of an unemployed schoolteacher’s job interview with a school board in Depression-era Texas. At one point during the meeting, a rancher on the school board asked the teacher the following question: “How do you teach it? Is…


Christian leaders lay hands on and pray for Donald Trump ahead of the first impeachment vote. October 2019

A while back, I wrote about how in the late 1970s, I spent a summer working for my cousin’s auto dealership just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. …

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